Does Your Septic Tank Need Repairs?

Find out with septic tank inspection service in Bock, MN

There are many parts to your home sewer system. A septic tank inspection service can ensure that everything is in tiptop shape. Hohlen Sewer can take care of these inspections easily and affordably at your Bock, MN home.

We can inspect your system in full and perform any needed septic repairs. We can also upgrade your sewer cap, bringing it up to code if you plan to sell your home soon.

Don't run the risk of a broken septic tank when you can get preventive maintenance from Hohlen Sewer. Depend on us for quick work and peace of mind.

Why you need regular septic inspections

Why you need regular septic inspections

Maintaining your septic tank and sewer line is essential to preventing major issues. Septic tank inspection service in Bock, MN can help you save tons of time and money on major repairs. Here are a few reasons to get regular system inspections:

  • There could be problems that you don't know about
  • Fixing small issues can save you time and money
  • Keeping your system up to code is required when selling your home

For all septic repairs at your home, count on Hohlen Sewer. Call 612-390-6607 today to get your system inspected or repaired.