Swap Your Old Line for a New One

Hire us for sewer line installation in Bock, MN

One of the most essential parts of your home is the sewer line. When a backup occurs, you can run into significant problems, both inside and outside your house. Save yourself the stress of a major cleanup by working with Hohlen Sewer for new sewer line installation.

We have years of experience installing new sewer lines all around the Bock, MN area. We install piping on any property up to one acre in size. We'll work around your schedule and within your budget to get the job done right.

When your system acts up, Hohlen Sewer is the sewer line installation company that can handle repairs. Email us now to get an estimate on your project.

Enjoy the benefits of a new sewer line

Enjoy the benefits of a new sewer line

The advantages of new sewer line installation are endless. Just a few perks of having a new system installed include:

  • Evading the regular need for unclogging
  • Upgrading your line to a modern design
  • Keeping tabs on your system with monitoring technology

Leave your needs in the hands of a sewer line installation company with years of experience in the field. Call 612-390-6607 today for service at your Bock, MN home.